Having been groomed into the IT Staffing world since birth, Jonathan is a natural in this industry. His father, Peter Ward, was on one of the Pioneers of IT Staffing in Toronto getting into the field in the 1960’s. Peter put Jonathan through intensive training since Jonathan was born.

As a child Jonathan would often be found making phone calls on his fisher price phone while his father would try to distract him by making loud noises in the background and test his morals by offering him other children’s toys…but Jonathan’s focus and ethics could not be broken. The rest is history.

A graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business, Jonathan has been working in the IT staffing industry since the mid 1990’s and in his own niche IT staffing business focused on Application Development beginning in 1999. This sharp focus has served our clients well.

Reach Jonathan @ 416.345.1777 ext 226

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