Why Should My Business Blog?

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Mark Byrne, Digital Marketing Specialist, Ward Technology Talent.

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In a nutshell, online blogging can be hugely beneficial when it comes to improving the online presence of your business.  It will help your website to be found in search engines, create trust among your customers and build thought leadership for your company. We recommend that you make at least one post a week of content that you feel is of value to your consumers and online community.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging.

Below, we list the reasons that we believe make blogging essential for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimisation Boost

Consistent blogging is an excellent way to maintain a source of fresh content on your website – which search engines love. By including blog post generation as part of your weekly marketing routine you will let search engines know that your website is a source of up to date content… making it relevant to search engine users.

At the same time, by creating quality content you will – hopefully – have people sharing your  posts in their own networks and social media channels. This sharing will create backlinks (basically viewed as votes of website quality by search engines) which will help your page to rank higher in search engines.

2. Content Marketing Fuel

Your blog posts can make for an excellent source of content to post in your social media channels. This brand-centric  and industry focused content will help to drive consumers to your webpage and generate potential leads.


3. Builds Thought Leadership

Writing quality content that people seek out builds mindshare in the consumer. This mindshare will help your business be more easily recalled by the consumer the next time they’re looking for the type of service that you offer, be it, mobile staffing, IT recruitment, whatever it may be!


4. Tell Your Brand Story

A blog enables you to humanize your brand and put a face to your company. Tell your customers what you do, why you do it and what you can do to help solve their problems. People prefer to do business after trust has been built. Allow consumers to become comfortable with your brand by giving them an insider look at how you do business and what you believe in as a company.


5. Create Conversation With Your Consumers

In the digital age there is an online conversation happening – and it will continue to happen whether you participate or not. When it comes to Ward Technology Talent we want to talk about IT staffing and the industry we love. Our blog content can spark these conversations with people that we want to talk to – people like you!


6. Stay Sharp

Making the commitment to deliver content that your community wants to read and will find value in has the knock on effect of keeping your company ahead of the curve. Coming up with quality topics forces you to stay on top of the latest developments in your industry.

You may find that you develop a deeper understanding and will become more adept at explaining what it is that you do.


7. Qualify Leads

Think of your blog as a salesperson, active 24/7, and helping to qualify leads. The more content that a consumer reads, the more familiar they become with your company, the closer they are to a buying decision.

Starting a blog is a commitment that you should endeavor to stick with. An inactive blog can raise questions in the mind of the consumer – ‘is this company still doing business?!’’ A stagnant blog does no favors for your brand and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

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