IT Staffing – 3 Reasons Job Boards are a Waste of Time

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I’ve been working in the IT Staffing Industry for over 15 years. In the old days companies used to post jobs on the Career Section of newspapers. Now these posts are mostly online. Although we, as an agency will still post jobs online from time to time I do believe in general there are far better ways to source candidates and reach the best people for your open job. This takes me to my blog of the week.


IT Staffing: 3 Reasons Job Boards are a Waste of Time for Employers


1. Most Repliers are Out of Work

Just like the title says here, most people that reply to job postings are either out of work or are being pushed out of work by their current employer. 9 times out of 10 these people aren’t the best people for your job opening. IT staffing is a highly competitive industry and you want to make sure that your interview candidates are top shelf.


2. Very Few Are a Good Fit

From my experience posting jobs online, you will receive the odd candidate/application that is a great fit for the role. But in general most of the people applying hardly have any of the skills you are looking for and are often trying to make a transition into the role you are looking to hire for. From my, the agency, perspective, we are being paid by clients to find them people that can hit the ground running. When it comes to IT staffing our clients don’t want to hire people and teach them the job from scratch. They want to hire someone that already has the skills and excels in their current role.


3. Referrals are Often Best

Good people know good people. I believe this on a personal and business level. They say you can often tell a lot about someone from their friends and I believe the same to be true in IT staffing. Good technical people hang out with good technical people that push them to be better and who they learn from. Whenever we get a new search to work on the first thing I do is think of who I know that is good for that role and call them for referrals.

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