How Do We Get What We Want?

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Today I’m going to talk briefly about how to attain your dream job. This won’t be your typical article; I’m not going to recycle the same old message about job searching that I see littered on LinkedIn every single day. I’m going to dig deeper as to how to get exactly what you want. Although this blog focuses on employment, the core message can be applied to anything in life.


So, How Do We Get What We Want?

A lot of talk has revolved around goal setting and how it spurs on achievement. While I agree with the benefits of setting goals, I actually believe that goals are symptoms of something greater; vision. You have to see yourself be where you want to be. You want to be the CTO of your company? Sure, sounds great but can you actually see yourself in that position? Can you see yourself as the go-to guy? Can you see yourself stressing over a key strategic decision for the company?

Anyone can set a goal, but I believe what separates the strong from the weak is the vision; the ability to look in the mirror and say, “I see myself getting what I want, therefore I will”. Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg… These people didn’t get to where they are simply by setting goals. They saw themselves get to the positions they’re in, well before anyone else did.

So, next time you’re plotting your career, don’t just set arbitrary goals. Look within yourself and find where you want to go, where you see yourself going, and it will happen. It’s really that simple.

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