Running from Zombies? Mobile Motivation for Distance Running

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Written By: Carly Roy, Recruitment Specialist @WardTechTalent

When it comes to gadgets, gizmos and all things flashy tech, I may not be on the bleeding edge – but when it comes to my health and fitness I like to set trends and not follow them.

I am a runner.  And while the meditative qualities of running can be invigorating, if I’m not in the mood to run, it can be dull. I have a 10k and a half marathon coming up and I am so determined to stay on track that I am using mobile motivation via a roster of running apps on my phone.

Here are my top three:

1) MapMyRun –

It offers the standard stats like pace, run-distance and Calorie counting. The thing that I like about it is the voice prompt for my progress. I don’t like checking my phone much while I run, so I value apps that offer progress and also track my route so that I feel safe for those late night runs.

2) iSmooth Run –

The noteworthy feature for this app is the ability to toggle between GPS tracking and pedometer, and it also offers data about how you run so that you can improve for the next time.

My favourite though is:

3) Zombies, Run! –

This plays over your music and guides you through a post-apocalyptic run of terror and I love how silly and fun it is. While the first two are great for training and getting better, there’s no way a run can be dull when Zombies, Run! is on.

Technology and social media get flack because they take away genuine human interaction and connection and instead encourage ADD and narcissistic tendencies in people. That could be said for some aspects of social media and the internet, but I think that in the case of health and fitness tracking, they truly benefit the user. In my case, these apps have focused my runs and made me more conscious of my technique and my progress and that has added value to my running.


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