Style on the go: Take your closet with you wherever you go

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Written By:  Jana Maximov, Recruitment Specialist @WardTechTalent

While most of the attention with apps today focuses on transactional benefits (ex: payments or rewards), entertainment (games, music) or utilitarian needs (task lists, weather, directions), this blog entry focuses on apps that feed my passion for fashion!  On those pretty, girly, glittery, sparkly and fun Apps that are out there for women (surprise, surprise), although I am sure some of these will appeal to men too.

While searching for the best apps for those who, just like me, love fashion, I came across some excellent tools — not just because they facilitate my shopping but because they take it a step further, helping me become more economical and efficient in my choices.

Stylebook ( is an app that not only looks awesome but also addresses both men and women.  For only $4.59 this virtual closet app allows you to manage everything from your favorite outfits to your sizes and style inspirations by taking pictures of your items and uploading them.

But who are we kidding here, we all know that the best apps are the free apps so in continuing the search, I came across Stylicious ( This free app will allow you to upload pictures of your own closet and then put together any outfit you’d like to try. You can also plan your wardrobe for the whole week or use “the Shopping Feature”, which allows the user to pick his/her desired product (bags, shoes, clothes, etc.) and with one tap on the screen, browse all the latest fashion trends.

Another great App for every shopaholic is Stylish Girl (  Do you have an amazing skirt but no top to go with it? And suddenly, while window shopping you see a great top but are not sure if it will go well with that skirt? Or you go shopping for that perfect top but just don’t want to carry your whole closet to the mall with you? Then this app is perfect for you: it lets you upload pics of the styles in your closet and pair them with clothes, shoes, and accessories from a bunch of different stores to find the perfect outfit. Oh, and there’s a version for guys too, called “Cool Guy” (I told you that men will also find things for them in this blog).  Further, with this App, you can also check all the sales – just add your favorite brands and you can quickly check which items are on sale. And, just like Stylicious, you can go to “Fashion Mall” to pick an item you are looking for (shoes, bags, outwear, etc.) and start browsing in a world of latest fashion trends. You can also look at what celebrities are wearing by clicking on “Fashion Lounge” and picking “Celebrity Style”. Or if are you a person that has to have all the latest fashion trends, click on the same-named “Fashion Trends” and check out what the must-haves for the season are.

And if you spent your whole day browsing these apps and all the cool things they offer and now your phone battery is dying what do you?  Not a problem! Grab your new chargeable purse, put your phone in and in not time your battery will be full. Here is a quick run-down of what the market is offering. I am sure every girl will find the best style, colour, size that will fit her needs.

And while these apps are sure to make your next shopping voyage a success, while I was doing my searches I stumbled across one application that I just have to share! I think I can leave this one with no comment…Harry Styles My Boyfriend: This Tamagotchi style app lets you date One Direction’s Harry Styles until he falls in love with you and proposes.

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