How Mobile Recruiting is Changing the IT Staffing Landscape

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Going Mobile

Mobile is the latest trend in IT staffing. Here, we’ll give a rundown of what mobile recruiting entails, the current terrain and how your company can benefit from this trend.

What are the Types of Mobile Recruitment?

When it comes to mobile recruiting there are three main approaches that can be taken when looking to implement mobile recruiting tactics.

  1. Social Recruitment via Mobile – Connect and communicate with job seekers who are already active on social media networks. Inform potential candidates of positions and maintain mindshare while they’re on the move. Social media and mobile recruiting go together like Mario and Luigi, both work well on their own but together they complement each other perfectly.

  2. Mobile Optimised Career Pages – Although some are dragging their heels, companies are slowly introducing career pages that are optimised for mobile devices. Responsive websites, adapting to the screen size and resolution being used by the applicant, make for a far more user friendly experience for the mobile applicant.

  3. Mobile Apps – Company career apps are only going to become more popular, providing a direct, mobile optimised link between recruiter and job seeker. Findly is an example of one of the latest mobile recruiting apps. It is an automated, self-sustaining solution that helps identify quality candidates so companies can access warm candidates.


The Current Mobile Environment

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal in March 2013, only 3% of Fortune 500 companies offered a way for people to apply for jobs from a smartphone. The 97% of companies who are lagging behind could be missing out on great candidates by ignoring the demand for mobile. Additionally, 31% of Google’s searches for the term ‘jobs’ are now generated on mobile devices. The demand is clear.

Career Xroads, in a recent report, highlight the developing trend for mobile. 1 out of every 5 respondents in their survey use their mobile devices for job searching while almost 50% say that they could imagine doing so.


Taking Advantage of Mobile Recruitment

How can your company benefit from the emerging trend towards mobile?

  • Simplify the Application Process – In much the same way as many mobile sites only display key information and content, your application process should do so too.

  • Importing of Data – Allow for applicants to import details from their LinkedIn profiles to speed things along

  • Optimise for Mobile Devices – doing so allows for the busy, well connected candidate to apply for your position on the go.


This blog post should give you a good indication of the trend towards mobile and as a result mobile recruiting. 87% of companies believe that they do not adequately cater for recruiting candidates via mobile devices, meaning that we are going to see a huge push in the near future towards mobile optimisation.

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