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It’s common knowledge now that mobile is the future. More and more companies are taking the plunge into the mobile space and implementing strategies to take advantage of emerging technologies. These are some of the questions you should ask when looking at potential mobile developers.

What’s your mobile design experience?

Users expect fast and immersive mobile experiences, making mobile design of great importance when building your app. The mobile developer that you hire should be well-versed in mobile UI and UX.

At a recent Mobile Learning Lab, Jeremy Wilson spoke about the importance of the mobile experience and that the acceptable response time of service providers for an app is 1 second.

Can I have a list of your previous clients?

As with any potential employee, you’re going to want to get feedback from 3rd parties and get a feel for the work they do. Calling one of these previous clients will give you an understanding of how seriously projects are approached, the level of communication and the amount of support you can expect once everything is signed off on.

What apps do you have in the app store?

If the candidate doesn’t have mobile app out and published, do a quick about turn and move on. The mobile application development process can be a tedious enough process without your developer cutting his teeth on your project.

What app are you most proud of?

Ask the potential mobile developer what project they are most proud of and why. Have a look at the app and assess the design, complexity and usability. If the app doesn’t look like something you yourself would want to use then this is a good sign that the developer isn’t the right fit for your project.

What are your fees and terms of payment?

Some mobile developers will charge by the hour and some will charge a flat fee. Costs will vary depending on the type of app you’re looking for. You’ll want to set out something clear before you give the go ahead on the project as costs can vary wildly depending on various factors.

  • Does the app require database driven functionality?

    • Where will this data be stored, native or online?

  • Do you need a game built?

  • Do you require custom input functionality?

    • Can a user simply input data via the keyboard or will a more complex function be required?

You can get some more insight on mobile app development fees here.

Who Owns the App?

Ordinarily, the client (person/organization paying for the app) will own the end result and all attributable code. Even so, to avoid frustration down the line, it’s important to sign a copyright assignment contract. This will make it clear that you own rights to the commissioned app – along with content, source code and design.

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