Using Social Media to Optimize your IT Job Search

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Mark Byrne, Digital Marketing Specialist, Ward Technology Talent.

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The IT job market is a highly competitive space. More and more, IT job seekers are seeking ways to maximize their chances of landing their dream job. Follow these quick and simple tips to make the most out of your job search.

So How Can Social Media Help?

Display Your Skills and Experience

It’s no secret that future employers are going to Google you. Having a solid and professional online presence is going to stand to you. Look at is an extended Resume and ensure that your searchable online presence is professional and shows you in your best light.


Stay connected with thought leaders in your industry. Learn as much as you can about your sought after role by taking part in online discussions. Find these discussions by –

  • Joining LinkedIn groups in the industry you are interested in.
  • Join Twitter Chats focused on job seeking.
  • Offer meaningful conversation and thoughts in the communities you are engaged in.

Show Your Personality

Social media platforms are a great way of showcasing your enthusiasm for a particular role but also for highlighting your personality. This can help employers to see how you would fit a specific IT job that they want to fill.

Social media allows you the chance to get creative in order to increase your chances of being found. A favorite example of mine when it comes to a creative job search  is Alec Brownstein. In 2010 he advertised himself to top executives he wanted to work with by starting a Google Adwords campaign. This campaign used the executives names as keywords so when the executives Googled themselves they were shown an ad highlighting Brownstein’s job search. He was offered two highly sought after jobs with the campaign costing a grand total of $6.


Platform Specific Tips


It’s a good idea to separate your professional and personal life when it comes to Twitter. Landing an IT job is that much more difficult when employers have easy access to any tweets which may clash with viewpoints of your prospective employer. Paris Brown infamously tweeted herself out of a job when offensive tweets she sent in her teens came to light a number of months back.


First things first – LOCK DOWN YOUR FACEBOOK. Make the settings private and ensure that whatever is visible to the public is not something that is going to negatively affect your employment opportunities . Time to review those old college party photos that you’re tagged in and filter out the good from the bad!

Facebook can often be overlooked for an IT job search for the more professional LinkedIn but bear in mind that your connections on Facebook probably know you better than those on LinkedIn. They will be more likely to lend their time and help you out when you send out the call that you are looking for an IT job.


Join your college alumni groups. The fact that you will have this in common is a great ‘in’ when networking and looking for a lead on a potential IT job.

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